March 16, 2010

Paris Je t'aime - Quais de Seine

François: You have beautiful hair, why do you have to cover it up?
Zarka: I don’t have to. I choose to.
François: Too bad cause you’re so pretty.
Zarka: You mean I’m not beautiful in my hijab?
François: That’s not what I meant.
Zarka: You and your friends don’t know shit about women. Why talk to them like that when you can see they don’t like it? If I want to look beautiful I do it for me. When I wear this I feel part of a faith, an identity. I feel good. That’s what beauty is. Tell that to your friends then maybe one day, they might even get laid.

Bukan macam neh gaya nk pakai tudung. Dah pakai tudung, jangan pakai gown lagi. Ashamed ashamed -.-"


Zulhelmi said...

ini bagus :)

hfz whb said...

Bravo! Elle parle francais. =)

MéuzAngelo™ XXIII said...

ma'aihh.. gambo sape tuh? meriah giler.. haha..
ni mesti menang beauty contest pastu dpt piale tinggi2.. huhu

Deya Zanial said...

zul : haha thanks ;)

hfz whb : wahh first time ey? hehe.

meuz angelo : haha tu lah dah nk same tgi dgn piala :D

Nurul Harun said...

terjadi betul2 ke dialog tu, dik? errr.. how old r u, deya?

Deya Zanial said...

haha tk lah. itu dialog dalam cerite je. im 19. urs? ;)