November 8, 2017

New Beginning


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Wow! Lama sangat tak post any update. Okay just a quick update for today. Maybe more to come after this? Or maybe never. Ada banyak sebenarnya nak cerita kat sini. SANGAT BANYAK! But, too little time to spare for blogging. Hehe!

For the good news (as for me lah kan) I am getting married in few days! Yeayyyy! Ops! Too excited! I know there won't be happy-never-end moment je kan lepas kahwin. But well, we are learning, no? Kita belajar dalam pembaharuan dalam hidup kita. Dari kita buat keputusan sendiri kepada membuat keputusan bersama. That excite me every time! Why? Sebab kita belajar menghormati each other. Satu pihak mungkin begini-begini caranya, tapi on the other side, kita rasa sepatutnya begitu-begitu. Sampai satu tahap, kita capai kata putus untuk bagaimana menyelesaikan masalah. Yes, that's when we are ONE!

I am more than grateful & thankful to the Almighty that He sent me him for me. I couldn't ask for more! He might not have what we called dreaming guy or ciri-ciri-lelaki-idaman-saya (lol) but he complete my flaws, my imperfections. I thank Allah for that. He don't give me what I want, but He sent me what I need. Syukur, alhamdulillah.

Okay, bye bye! Mak datang dah kang kantoi plak ada blog. Confirm kena bahan!

Till then!

June 4, 2017

Young Love

"Screeching tires, a near miss. A horn blaring sharply into the night. I close my eyes. Here comes the flashbacks.

We were losing track of the days and nights, counting fireflies and waiting for the sun to come around . I was so addicted to you. I remember the exquisite fatigue as I fought off sleep for another hit, another line of conversation. We drove down freeways and winding roads in a sleepless stupor, the stereo blasting love songs that were a cheap imitation of what we felt. Sometimes I wish you would take us over the edge, and we would be forever young and crazy in love. Go slow around those curves. I only want you safe now. It doesn't matter if we're together or apart. I love you so much. I'll love you, right until the end."

I loved you once. I love you still. I love you forevermore.

I will never forgive myself. Neither I forgive this fate. I am a sinner.

by, Lang Leav.

March 16, 2016

Dear Love

Love, he has abandoned me,
do with me as you will.
Love, he left -- unceremoniously,
why must I love him still?

The best of me I gave to him,
the years, the days, the hours.
Precious little, in turn he'd given,
like dew to a wilting flower.

Love, he sheared away tenderly,
my beauty, my strength, my mind,
the gifts that were bestowed to me --
were swallowed in his pride.

Love, has he forgotten me?
Please tell me what you've heard,
I guard his memory jealously --
with him I'd place my worth.

--Lang Leav