June 4, 2017

Young Love

"Screeching tires, a near miss. A horn blaring sharply into the night. I close my eyes. Here comes the flashbacks.

We were losing track of the days and nights, counting fireflies and waiting for the sun to come around . I was so addicted to you. I remember the exquisite fatigue as I fought off sleep for another hit, another line of conversation. We drove down freeways and winding roads in a sleepless stupor, the stereo blasting love songs that were a cheap imitation of what we felt. Sometimes I wish you would take us over the edge, and we would be forever young and crazy in love. Go slow around those curves. I only want you safe now. It doesn't matter if we're together or apart. I love you so much. I'll love you, right until the end."

I loved you once. I love you still. I love you forevermore.

I will never forgive myself. Neither I forgive this fate. I am a sinner.

by, Lang Leav.

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