July 26, 2015


Hi? A little awkward here. I am 24 yo this year, yet I still have time/ interest in blogging? I am not saying that blogging just for a young teenage tho. But, seriously, for a personal blog like this, what kind of topic je pon kan nak cakap? Life? Love? Heck.

Tah bila last aku cerita-cerita kat sini kan? Lol. Currently I am employed. Working with consultant company. Civil & Structural Consultant specifically. Yes, handling project tenders, working with engineers and etc. Most of our clients are developers like SP Setia, Eco World, IJM Land and list goes on. I am handling all Eco World projects. *thank god*

Ada one time ni client datang our office and I dont even know that he is our client. Not until he sign acknowledge. Lol. Part yang paling seram bila dia dah keluar dari my office, and patah balik tanya "Whats your name miss?"

Kenapa kau kena patah balik untuk tanya nama aku? Dont tell me you gonna evaluate me, Then I'm fucked up. But after all, I love my current job because this is what I wanted. The line I'm in. *especially the bonus* hakhak. Alhamdulillah, syukur.

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