November 25, 2013

Thank You.

To wherever you are and what ever you are doing,
I hope you are doing fine.
The happiness you are giving me,
I appreciate it much.
Although it for a temporary period,
it is more than enough.
I thank you for what have you done to me.
You've changed me.
You've changed me to the good ones.
You taught me a lot,
that I thought of anyone wouldn't do.
Your eyes, I remember,
the stare that I won't forget.
Your tease, I remember,
the things that makes me smile.
Your patience, I adore,
the one after my mother.
To the man that is very kind to me,
I thank you for came to my life,
although for a short period.
I hope the stars will kiss you goodnight,
and the sun will kiss you good morning.

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