July 29, 2009

im speechless.

29th JULY 2009
12:02 AM

someone has send me this text. andd i was like "omg ! otk ! omg ! otk !".

"dear bunny, i know i've been moody sometimes,
but its because i liked u too much.
The fact that i'm not there for u, hurts me.
And the fact that i couldn't see u, touch u, feel u,
makes me feel empty.
I know i can't be to close to a person coz i may fall in love.
But for u, even we haven't met,
u always put a smile on me.
I may be annoying to u, or maybe silly.
But i'm trying to be so that u called ur edward.
And for me, its the little imperfections that makes
the person u love, perfect.
I know u're pissed of with me right now
and i'm sorry.
I'm just a little me trying to get through u.
If i can, i wanna make u happy and smile all the time.
But i guess i always failed to do so.

For the mean time, lets just get out
from the house, lying on the
floor and sneak to the space, looking for the star
that suits u :) "

andd to the sender, thanks :) the text gladdened me.


Zulhelmi said...

wow wow wow :)

Oh deya said...

wow wow wow ape tu? HAHA :))