July 12, 2013


Nothing much I wanna say here. Ahhh semester gonna end soon but, but, but, I'm not in holidayyyyyy tho. Sad. I take short sem in Shah Alam. Which means, I'm gonna spend my Ramadhan there. Wuuuu sedihnya :'(

Since my cough gettin' worst, on first day of Ramadhan, my mom called and she said, "Akak batok teruk lagi ke? Nanti petang mak datang bawak ubat, kita buka puasa sama." Homaigodddd all the way from home to Segamat just to bring me meds and iftar! Wahhh gembiwanyewww! Ahh thank God, I'm blessed :')

I had my first iftar with my mom and sister!

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