November 8, 2009

8th NOVEMBER 2009

Deep down inside my heart
still bears the carving of your name
Deep down the bottom of my heart
You are still my lover

I can't hold the flowing
of all past memories
blowing out loneliness
tearing out my heart

Though this body of mine is no longer yours
But inside my heart you are really alive
I don't know until when
I can keep this love

And I hope that all of this
is not a mistake just as I think it is
as long as I live
I will be a prayer for you

If only time could be turned back again
I would give my life to be by your side
But I know that would never happen
This feeling is torturing me
really really torturing me

kau masih kekasihku by naff.


Zulhelmi said...

nak jadi kekasih awak :)

Oh deya said...

isi borang j, k, l sampai z ok? :)

Zulhelmi said...

cet prosedur yang menyusahkan!

Oh deya said...

ohh mestilah. tk kn nk senang senang plak. HAHA :))