October 2, 2009

2nd OCTOBER 2009
9:49 PM

the white starlight envelops the tears
the tears fall in the warm wind
do you feel it?
this trembling, quiet whisper that is going your way
i draw you in this white paper
the warm smile holds me
is this love?
even when i close my eyes,
i see only you
i will be waiting for you
i will wait for you
i dont want to see the tears of pain anymore
you let me know
this love that's like lies
i'll never let it go
because that love is you
im walking in my memories with you
the tears fill even the deepest area of my heart
what should i do?
even in my dreams,
i miss you
please look at me,
like the faraway stars
cant you be the one
thats in my heart

currently listen to this song.


MayoSapik said...

ga eul♥

Oh deya said...

gu jun pyo ♥
yi hoo ♥
yi jung ♥
woo bin ♥

Zulhelmi said...

eee sejak bila la nih

Oh deya said...

ape yg sejak bile?